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Bending the Real by Jay Sankey with Booklets - DVD

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Manufacturer: Jay Sankey


Take your bends to THE NEXT LEVEL. On this exciting project Jay shares with you the fascinating details behind 25 of his all-time favorite bends!

Most of these bends have never appeared on YouTube and are not available ANYWHERE ELSE.

Along with the exciting full-length DVD, the project also includes special equipment for 4 OUTRAGEOUS bends!




Shock, amuse, flirt, confuse and connect with other people using only ordinary items such as plastic spoons, soda cans, dollar bills, paper clips, stir sticks, chewing gum, playing cards, sugar packets, magazines, plastic straws, pencils, water bottles, cell phones, candy bars, and even car windows!


"Yesterday, I received Bending The Real and absolutely love it! Earlier today, I already put a few bends into reality."-Sean Kearney

"Got BTR this week. Great, great stuff!"-Will Haven

"I just got my Bending The Real disk today and I love the bends you teach on it!"-Tim Spotswood

"I received the Bending the Real DVD, and it is FANTASTIC. A lot of great bends to share. My personal favourite is 'Shattered'. I will definitely try it out when I get the chance. Thank You Mr. Sankey!"-DS Magic

"Just got the bending the real dvd and it totally rocks. I'm so glad i bought it and the bends are funny, cool, practical and awesome. It's one of the best dvds i have ever got." -TypeA Productions

"It really got my creative juices going. It's an awesome video in my opinion because Jay Sankey really emphasizes that you should make each effect your own, but at the same time he gives you ideas that apply across a wide range of different effects."-Ace

"Wow! Just got Bending the Real. So much great stuff and I am not even half way through watching it!"-Rob Beals

"Just received my bending the real dvd! Awesome stuff! My faves are cornered/shattered."-Chad Sanborn

"Bending Invasion!!! The BTR dvd had an unexpected bending. The corners of my mouth can't stop smiling! Wicked stuff!"-John Sergott Jr.



1.PIROUETTE/ One minute prep time with a plastic spoon = an awesome, extremely visual deception + souvenir. Perfect bend for the school cafeteria or work lunch room.

2.RECONNECTION/ Wonderfully minimal handling to create bend of snapping the tab off any soda or beer can and immediately reattaching it. (And yes, your hands are emtpy.) Perfect party bend.

3.VANISHINK/ Make a sharpie marker vanish with your sleeves up. Perform it in the nude if you want. Insanely visual bend for school, work, bus stop, coffee shop, anywhere.

4.PRIVATE PROPERTY/ An extremely clever bend for obtaining the phone number of almost anybody. Especially effective with attractive strangers in bars and clubs.

5.AIRBORNE/ Very memorable 'conceptual bend' using a bottle and a borrowed dollar bill. Reveals to witnesses just how narrow our problem-solving skills tend to be.

6.SKIN DEEP/ A small piece is snapped off the end of a wooden stir stick and a moment later it appears inside a wrapped straw held tightly in someone's hand. Killer way to 'make contact.'

7.DIGITAL/ Powerful 'mind-over-muscles' handling for a bend involving ten borrowed bills. Totally impromptu. You'll be messing minds with this crazy simple bend at school, work, everywhere.

8.THE OFFERING/ "Wanna piece of gum?" Great example of using a visually arresting bend as a social tool.

9.REALITY BREAK/ A totally impromptu, snapped + restored stir stick handling Jay's been refining for 2 years. Direct, easy, the perfect coffee shop bend.

10.HIJACKED/ The only bend involving playing cards on the entire BTR project. The shortest distance between 4 cards and "Oh my God!"

11.TASTING IS BELIEVING/ You already know plenty of surprising moments involving the eyes, ears and hands. This shocker involves the taste buds. Perfect reminder to your friends: you can't be trusted!

12.SWEET SURPRISE/ Hundreds of grains of sugar from a freshly opened packet impossibly melt through a dish. The very definition of 'organic.'

13.CORNERED/ A hard-hitting psychic bend involving a torn corner from the freely chosen page of a magazine.

14.WHEW!/ While most deceptions create tension, this inventive bend works another angle, and instead delivers overwhelming RELIEF.

15.ECHO/ Mess with minds in diners, restaurants and fast food joints. Demonstrate a spooky sympathy between a straw and the paper wrapper it usually wears.

16.SOUND EFFECT/ Using just your two hands, create a wonderfully convincing audio illusion, guaranteed to get laughs and groans. Another no prep, 'anywhere' bend.

17.STORM CLOUD/ Cause a cloud of dust to appear in the room of an enemy (or a friend with a good sense of humor.) You don't even have to be IN the room when the bend hits.

18.DESCENDENT/ One of the stand-out effects from Jay's acclaimed ‘Kaleidoscope’ DVD. Absolutely perfect bend to share at work or school.

19.TOOLONG TEA/ A jaw-dropping public bend created by Mike Skutt. Much more of an EVENT than a 'trick.' It's not illegal, but when you share this bend in a restaurant or coffee shop it's guaranteed to stop ALL conversation (while you never say a single word.)

20.INSIDE JOB/ Slam the cap of a plastic water bottle INSIDE the bottle and then immediately hand it out to be examined.

21.ZERO GRAVITY/ Exceptional tool + no-sleight handling to suspend almost any small, borrowed object on a folded bill, take-out menu, page from a magazine, paper napkin, almost anything you find in the space.

22.IN RED INK/ If you are a 'natural performer' you are going to LOVE this old school bend. Make as much or as little of it as you dare.

23.BURIED TREASURE/ While paying for snacks at a convenience store, 'discover' a five dollar bill inside a chocolate bar. Guaranteed to seriously mess with the minds of your friends (and the guy at the cash) this awesome bend comes complete with a killer 'real world' theatrical hook.

24.REMOTE CONTROL/ The devious gimmick looks EXACTLY like something you would find in your desk drawer, but the mentalism possibilities are endless. Jay combines this lethal tool with the serial number of a borrowed bill with tremendous 'mind messing' results.

25.SHATTERED/ Just how much fun can you have with a big ass rock and a friend's car (without breaking the law?)



The project includes the gimmicks and full details for a handful of effects Jay has found to be especially well-suited to the casual and organic style of bending. (None of them require more than a few words spoken.)

    • ‘Zero Gravity’/Suspend almost any small, borrowed object on a folded bill, take-out menu, page from a magazine, paper napkin, almost anything you find in the space.
    • ‘Descendent’/Visually shocking bend with a pencil. Perfect at work, school, anywhere.
    • ‘Hijacked’/The only bend using playing cards on the entire project. Just 4 cards. Only 10 seconds. An optical illusion that lingers.
    • ‘Vanishink’/Awesome way to make a black Sharpie marker VANISH into thin air. Real shocker. Again, no words required.



Jay Sankey originated the 'bending movement' in the fall of 2009. 'Bending the Real' is an inspired collection of deceptions, each designed to mess with human minds from a different sensory or rational angle.

Many of the bends involve ordinary, borrowed objects found in bars and clubs, at work, in school cafeterias and office lunch rooms.

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