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Bongo's Big Balloon Burst

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What do we have here? Who's the guy with the shopping bag over his head? Who's the other guy with the shopping bag over his head?

Well, let us tell you-this is one of Ali Bongo's wildest routines, and a real fun thing. It looks big, it can be done in a living room, on stage, outdoors, any place. Yet is packs down flat in the bottom of your suitcase, always ready to work. What happens? simple, like all great Ali Bongo routines. Bongo's Big Blindfold Bag Balloon Burst.....or! B.B.B.B.B.B. for short!

The effect: A spectator is handed a bunch of different colored balloons and a long pin. He is asked to burst the balloons one by one. A paper shopping bag is placed over his head so that he cannot see which color he is popping. The performer wears a similar bag and stands facing away from the spectator. Despite these precautions, the magician correctly names the colors of the balloons as they are burst. This is a very strong effect, but good for lots of laughs. Let Bongos Big Balloon Burst be part of your new season show. Everything sent, including balloons, bags, big pin, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: This effect has been re-popularized by a performer with a very clever routine, with a kicker ending where the magician correctly predicts which will be the last balloon left. Ali Bongo's original routine (the one included) does not have this ending. What you will get is the routine described above, and our encouragement to make something special out of this great trick. Special and unique. But specially unique. Cheers!

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