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Confusion Rope Routine

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Shown here, Chuck Stanfield with a visitor to the Magic Collectors weekend-famous Doug Henning. Chuck was a computer expert. His machines took your money out of the bank before you got home with your package. Therefore he was a "Con man" with a license to con. The Con here is: Three ropes of different lengths repeatedly become the same length. The Fusion is: Three rope rings made by tying the ends of the equal ropes together fuse into one large ring with the equal ropes tied end to end, when they are thrown into the air. The Con-Fusion is: untying one knot, the other two are visibly slid off the rope, leaving the magician with one long rope which will confuse fellow magicians, as well as your lay audience! This routine comes with everything you need to do a dazzler at once, altho it can be done with any rope of your own at a moment's notice. There are no snaps, screws, magnets, adhesives of any kind. In fact - think about this! - you can start with one long rope at the end of your favorite cut and restored rope routine. Then cut the rope into three pieces, perform this routine and end up the way you started with one long rope! Chuck has wowed our store customers over and over on Saturday afternoons (which he used to spend here). He also tried it out a the F.F.F. in Buffalo, at Abbott's Get Together, Collectors Weekend, various Chicago Magic Clubs and anywhere else the discriminating meet. Thus he has honed, shaped, built and polished this routine to the gem it has become. You will love the useful gimmick you get (you provide your own rope), plus the routine. Get yours now.

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