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Eric Anderson - Almost Everything Lecture DVD

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Manufacturer: Ah-Ha Entertainment
I was Lecturing and a Very Well Known Magician Who I Will Call Mr. X Tells Me I Should NOT Be Teaching Other Magicians The Effects I was Explaining in my Lecture. I asked why and His Response SHOCKED Me!

*Warning - You Might be Offended By His Comment, If 
You Choose To Keep Reading Don't Say I (we) Didn't Warn You!

"Find Out How You will Benefit From My So Called Mistake"
- Eric Anderson

Dear Fellow Magician:

Here is the page outlining the information about my DVD.  You may or may not know who I am but that will not matter because what I have for you will interest you in a huge way.

You are going to benefit from my so called ignorance - Let me explain.

A number of years ago a friend said "Hey Eric" you should consider lecturing to other magician about some of the material you have created over the years. I thought about if for awhile and thought OK Why Not, this will be a lot of fun!  Even though magicians were not my target audience I realized I could set up a lecture when I happened to be performing in a city that had a group of magicians that get together on a regular basis.  Assuming our schedules jived, that would be the perfect way to go about lecturing for my fellow magicians.

So - I put together a lecture and presented it in front of a few magic clubs and I was happily surprised with the response.

It isn't necessary for me to give you Mr. X's name, but believe me you would know exactly who he is.  After my lecture Mr. X pulled me to the side and made three interesting comments. 

  •  * First Comment -  He said you should not be sharing this material, it's to good for a lecture.
  •    Second Comment - You have put way to much material in your lecture.  It's way too much information for people to consume in such a short period of time.                                          
 He was entirely correct about his second comment.  However, his first comment surprised me.  I asked him to go into more detail.  He went on to tell me that magicians will buy anything.  Here is his exact quote:

* You can put a piece of shit in an envelope with a price tag and some instructions and magicians will buy it all night long.  Eric, you don't have to actually give them the good stuff
I said I'm only lecturing on the material I perform in front of paying audiences.  He said I know that's why you shouldn't be teaching this material.  We went back and forth for a minute and eventually agreed to disagree with each other. 

In The Back of My Mind I'm Thinking "Wow That's Jacked Up!"

Anyway, I presented the lecture a few more times without making any changes, and finally I had the lecture filmed in it's entirety.  And that's what I want to talk to you about.  I'm offering the original lecture on DVD until I run out of the copies I have.

I titled the DVD "Almost Everything" because after seeing the lecture Mr. X said I gave away the entire farm on my first shot out of the gate. (That was his third comment)

That is far from being true - but there is a ton of GREAT material on my "Almost Everything DVD"

Here is a Run Down From A - Z Of the "Almost Everything DVD"

  • Bonfire (If you are familiar with the method from AH-Ha! this is an entirely new handling) Performance first - Spectators drop matches into a shot glass.  Magician stares at the matches and they set themselves on fire.  This routine was going to be the opening effect for a competition act I never put together.  I also heard David Blaine was interested in the routine.
  • East Meets West Meets South - Pencil through bill routine - Performance first. This routine is a finessed handling of a routine originally put together by Jay Sankey and David Harkey.  I believe the presentation is what makes this routine so believable to an audience.  Side Note - I open some of my shows with this routine and have presented this in front of audiences of 800+
  • Bonfire Explanation - I explain exactly what you need from A - Z to perform this incredible effect.
  • Watch Steal - performance first - This handling for stealing watches has been apart of my repertoire since I stole my first watch in the 8th grade.
  • Bottom Feeder - This is a completely original move with me.  I explain the basic move and the basic effect.  The utility move has lots of possibilities.  In the context of explaining the basic effect for bottom feeder, I also explain Ackerman Varies Kelly.  In addition I explain how Alan Ackerman move can be used as an ultra clean multiple control.
  • Performance of my version of David Harkey's version of Paul Harris reset. I have made some changes to the routine, most importantly using my orginal move, Bottom Feeder, to clean up the dirty work. This has been one of my Pet Project effects.  I know I'm biased but I love my version of this routine.
  • 3 billet Test Performance / Explanation - this routine has been my workhorse for over 13 years.  I hammered out the details through thousands of performances while performing on the street.  I can borrow everything to perform this effect and it plays equally well close up or on stage.  You reveal a thought-of number, name and do a picture duplication for three audience members.  No forces - I treat this routine as an act in itself.  Super Strong!
  • Explanation of East Meets West South.
  • Watch Steal Explanation
  • The Street Act - When I was street performing this is the act I would perform to get the money.  I would work non-stop all day long with this act.  Today I have transitioned this material to my corporate shows.  It plays even stronger in that environment!
  • My one coin routine - My take on the one coin routine.  I go over some important points.  This is performed extremely fast paced and I explain exactly why!
  • Flash Pack - I always open my close up, walk around, and stage card material with routine.  This sets the tone and lets the audience know up front you are different.
  • Think of a card - multiple phase routine - I personally believe the think a card plot is the single strongest plot you can perform with a pack of cards.  This is my three phase impromptu routine.  I have performed this routine close-up, stage and on television thousands of times.
  • Any card any number - You already know the plot.  I have three very strong methods. This is the one I perform when it has to be quick (like a cocktail party).
  • Scatter Brain aka the $15,000 dollar Newspaper Test - I was hired and paid $15,000 based on the strength if this routine.  I have had several TOP PROFESSIONALS tell me they have added this routine to their shows and it destroys the audience.  This was my closing routine for a number of years.  The method is sick!
  • The Explanation of The Street Act, I explain the entire act from beginning to end.  Every single sleight and subtlety.
  • Upwardly Mobil- Ambitious Card Move spectators watch the card move upwards through the deck.  I came up with this method over 20 years ago.  Spectators GASP when they see this.  Did I mention it's Super Simple?
  • The Pass - I perform and talk about the pass and one important point almost everyone misses when working on this sleight.
  • Plus much more!

It's Just like You Are Sitting There with Me!

This DVD was filmed live from Start to Finish and nothing was left out.  You will experience exactly what the live audience witnessed.  Over 2 hours of non-stop magic.

Let me explain WHY I'm giving my Professional Material away for so little.  I had a few DVD's put together with the intention of setting up a Lecture Tour - Because of my performance schedule I haven't had the time to schedule and organize the tour.  I figured this is a win win for everyone.  
Thank you for your attention.

Eric Anderson
I'm giving away Almost Everything - But I still have Everything Else!

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