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Jaspernese Thumb Tie by Jay Marshall

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Originated by Jay Marshall "The Great Jasper".

Now you will be able to do this famous trick. This method eliminates the drawbacks of the older methods. Clean, simple, sure fire. All you need are two standard pipe cleaners and you are ready to do the trick.

Effect: Take the two wire pipe cleaners (or the garbage twist ties used by Mac King) and twist one around the other at the center. Then wire a spectator's thumbs together, to show him what it is like. He won't be able to move his thumbs apart in the slightest degree. Now let him wire your thumbs together in the same way, twisting the wires until the blood circulation stops, if he wants to get touchy about it. However, you can instantly put your hands around his arm, showing your thumbs still securely wired together at any time. Or he can toss a ring at your hands and you catch it in midair on your arm -- thumbs still securely wired together. All the tests of the thumb tie tricks are possible with the method. Thumbs are really joined together; no gimmicks; use borrowed pipe cleaners if you like. Do it anywhere, instantly.

Guaranteed to permit you to fool everybody, even your smart fellow magicians.

Manuscript only; you supply your own pipe cleaners or twist ties.

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