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Patrick Page Bundle

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Brain Child- A card mentally selected is found to be the only card in the deck with a different coloured back.

Easy Money- Invented by Pat Page, improved by Fred Kaps. Effect: Magician shows several pieces of blank paper or pieces from magazine pages, the size and shape of currency, and with one quick flourish, instantly changes them to dollar bills! He looks at the bills, shows both sides, and with the same sort of flouish, he instantly changes the money back to worthless paper, which he again shows on both sides. Do it over and over again it you want to--the smart boys do it once and leave them with their mouth open! Comes to you with working samples, and a carefully arranged instruction manuscript, complete with lots of drawings by Jay Marshall. Every move is fully covered -- it's a simple effect, but we want you to have it All! Further...magicians everywhere mourn the loss of one of our greatest, Fred Kaps. We happened to have some new photographs of Fred and have included them in the instruction Mss. for your collection. Order yours today - a reputation maker!

The Kitson Miracle- Please Note: These cards are now Poker Size - Bee back
An eye-popping, visual three-card monte from Patrick Page. A red court card is sandwiched between two black spot cards (your actual cards may vary). The magician turns the fan face-down, inviting the spectator to remove the red card, which is plainly in the center. No matter how hard the spectator tries, he cannot remove the red card - it continually turns out to be one of the black cards. Then the magician causes the red card to VISUALLY change to a black card! This is an absolutely mind boggling change - it happens literally under the spectator's nose, with all the cards IN FULL VIEW at all times! Then, a truly amazing sequence culminates with the magician freely showing that all three cards have changed to identical spot cards - the cards are shown, separately, FRONT AND BACK! The red court card is nowhere to be seen!
No switches, no palming, no lapping, no difficult sleights, and you are as clean at the end as you were at the beginning. Perfect for walkaround as it can be done completely in the hands. Every time we demo this one in the shop, it sells. Our highest recommendation! Custom made in Bee back poker size. This trick is an North American Exclusive of Magic, Inc.

Pages of Magic- An Assortment of tricks from the repertoire of Pat Page, put together for his spring 1976 lecture tour in the united states.

Magic Page by Page- Another set of lecture notes from the Man himself!

Book of Thumb Tips- A collection of work from a pro with a classic magicial apparatus. Bright ideas with fun performances

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