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Secrets of the Astonishing Executive by Paul Harris- Book

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Manufacturer: Avon Books


xvii Introduction
xxi How to Use This Book

1 Chapter 1 The Soon-to-Be-Astonishing Executive
1 The Rapid Response Resume
6 The Forget-Me-Not Business Card Handout #1
11 The Forget Me-Not Business Card Handout Bonus

13 Chapter 2 The Astonishing Office
13 The Extra-Special Client Mind-Reading Rolodex
18 The Anytime Anywhere Legendary Book Baffler
23 The Instant Incompetency I.Q Test
27 The Official Employee I.Q. Test
28 The Tough-As-Nails Exercise Initiator
32 The Do-It-Yourself High-Tech Exec
36 The Anti-Stress Thread Plucker
37 The Astonish-Yourself Perfect-Ten Paper Clip Paradox
43 The Forget-Me-Not Business Card Handout #2 - Let's Have Lunch

47 Chapter 3 The Astonishing Lunch
47 The Late for Lunch Miracle Maneuver
52 The Crispy Currency Ice Breaker
56 The Coddled Client Tabletop Fire Walk
60 The Client Confidence Sugar Shocker
64 The Instant Client Dependency Syndrome
68 The Forget-Me-Not Business Card Handout #3 - End of Lunch Sales Solidifier
72 Bridge Burner #1 - The Bad Lunch Power Gross Out

76 Chapter 4 The Astonishing Client's Office
76 Make the Secretary Think You're Swell Quasi Legal Pad Prediction
80 The Hard to Ignore Off-the-Wall Office Entrance
85 The One-Too-Many-Interruptions Ravaged Office Revenge
89 The Buck Stops Here $100 Visualizer
95 The I-Forgot-to-Do-My-Homework Annual Report Cover-up
99 The Burbling of a Pea
101 The Dance-for-Your-Dinner Long Distance Name Dropper
105 Bridge Burner #2 - Memory-O-Matic

107 Chapter 5 The Astonishing Negotiator
107 The Good Faith Negotiation Neutralizer
110 The Forge-Me-Not Business Card Handout #4 - The Russian Roulette Salary Negotiator
113 The Astonishing Executive's Official Portable Pocket Negotiator
118 Bridge Burner #3 - The Ultra-Persuasive High-Pressure Heartbreaker

122 Chapter 6 The Astonishing Trade Show and Hospitality Suite
122 The Flash-of-Interest Trade Show Stopper
126 The Unforgettable Soda-and-a-Smile Hospitality Suite Surprise
130 Bridge Burner #4 - The Trade Show Traitor Lost-Wallet Ploy

132 Chapter 7 The Astonishing Sales Meeting
132 The Wacky Want-Ad Business Projection
137 The Puncture-Proof Attention Getter
140 The Vastly Superior New Product Intro
146 The Hyper Efficient Cost Cutter
151 The Undressed-for-Success Memorable Meeting Inducer
156 The Forget-Me-Not Business Card Handout #5 - Breakout Group Boredom Buster
162 Bridge Burner #5 - The Sound of No Hands Clapping Presentation Meditation

163 Chapter 8 The Astonishing CEO in Training
163 Don't-You-Just-Hate-When-That-Happens Pain Predicament
166 The Ten-Heads-Are-Better Than-One CEO Tiebreaker
167 Bridge Burner #6 - The Just-Sign-Here Instant Approval Kit
171 The Just-Sign-Here Disposable Calculator Kit

175 Chapter 9 The Astonishing CEO
175 The Revenge of the Vacuum Cleaner Cards CEO Indulgence

177 Chapter 10 The Complete Astonishing Executive
178 Moms-Come-and-Go-but-a-Rolex-Is-Forever Ingenious Acquisition Tactic

182 For More Information
183 Credits

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