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Stand-Up Magic Bundle - Winter 2018

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McCombical: The Wit and Wisdom of Billy McComb
BILLY McCOMB was a working magician and inventor of magic for more than 50 years. He was a prolific writer, a gifted illustrator, and could invent patter at the drop of a hat for just about any effect or circumstance. Join Billy and his friends Teller, Johnny Thompson, The Amazing Johnathan, Lance Burton, Simon Lovell, John Fisher, John Wade, Fielding West, Milt Larsen, Nick Lewin, Terry Seabrooke, Michael Chaut, Dave Cox, Sandy Marshall, and Annabel Gray as you embark on a journey through the virtual treasure trove of Billy’s tricks and effects and friends
reminisce about his magical influence on their lives.

Newspaper Magic

There's few things more common, less suspicious or as inexpensive as a newspaper! Here's a whole book of tricks to be done with your daily paper-some created especially for this book, some gathered from around the world, and some included for completeness sake.

Contents include Gene Anderson's prize winning routine, "Extra, Extra"-a laugh a minute with a newspaper. It was the sensation of the Colon 1971 show. Also, his very original Torn and Restored Newspaper, the best we've ever seen, and we've seen them all. Fast, direct, clean - just great!

And more... a selection of tricks by Val Andrews, another by Eric Hawkesworth, a section on newspaper work with liquids and silks, one on Clippo and its many possibilities, Martin Gardner on Afghan Bands, classic effects and other newspaper miscellany, ideas, tips and gags.

DOZENS OF TRICKS OF ALL KINDS - ''TIMELY'' TRICKS! A must-have book for anyone developing a routine in newspaper magic or paper tearing.

Marcom Presents Magic
Lines from Logan opens the book, a foreword by Logan Pritchett. Our author is a consistent award winner for originality, and his first chapter covers just such a routine, The Monster, which won a trophy. Eropetion is another award winning routine with several ropes. My Grandfather, the Pirate is a three effect routine, involving cards, balls and a coin assembly, complete with humorous patter and many illustrations. The Alchemist's Corner is an act that involves matches, several sizes of dice, an 8 ball, a shot glass, a half dollar, etc. etc. and lots of fun. Vampira, Revamped is a new version of the famous Gloria Marcom act.Van Cleve's Bean Trick is carefully explained and another winner.Frank Caple's Three Ring Rhapsody will appeal to every one who owns three rings and others will go out and get some.A Brass Bowl and Four Sponges are used for Marcom's version of this always popular type of close up magic. Then another chapter on a new version of the Chop Cup.Trophies were won with The Rusty Key, complete with a scenario only Marcom could develop, and The Sorcerer's Hat. Many illustrations, large size pages, (70 in all), spiral bound.

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