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Bill Severn's Magic Workshop by Bill Severn - Book

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Contents: v Contents ix Introduction: 1 Chapter 1: Cards and Tapes 1 The Long One: making a long card 2 Multiple Choice: another application of the long card 3 Controlling Groups of Cards: another use 3 Cutting the Aces: dealer cuts to the Aces each time 5 The Nose Knows:...


v Contents
ix Introduction:

1 Chapter 1: Cards and Tapes
1 The Long One: making a long card
2 Multiple Choice: another application of the long card
3 Controlling Groups of Cards: another use
3 Cutting the Aces: dealer cuts to the Aces each time
5 The Nose Knows: the chosen card rises with the aid of your nose!
5 Card at Any Number: card appears at the number chosen by the spectator (requires two deals)
6 Behind Your Back: chosen card is turned face up behind your back
6 Mind Spell: a spelling trick
7 A Simple Force: with a single cut
8 Other Ways to Make the Card: some other methods for making a long card
9 The Riffler: a gimmick to make a "peek" force
12 Sleight of Foot: selection vanishes from deck and appears in the shoe
13 Stringing Along: variation of the old Insurance Policy trick
15 Three Times One is Nothing: Three spectators each pick the Ace of Spades, but it doesn't exist in the pack
16 Flip Flaps: intro
16 Flip Top: A single card instantly changes to another one
18 Back Flip: as above, but a red backer changes to blue
19 Full Flip: another flip card, but can be shown full face and back both before and after
21 Double Change: more uses for the full flip
22 Pasteboard Acrobats: intro
22 The Twister: a playing card spins in your hand
25 The Two-Way Floater: a playing card floats both horizontally from the pack to your hand, and then vertically
29 The First Woman Astronaut: a presentation for the floater
29 I'll Do It Again: uses both the Riffler and the Floater - Queen vanishes from one pack and floats from the 2nd
31 The Anti-Gravity Cards: Cards are dealt from the pack, then the entire mess suspends from your hand

35 Chapter 2 Tin Can Trickery
35 A Simple Changing Canister: a cylinder you can make that changes one object for another
40 The Ribbon That Grows: a short ribbon turns into red ball, then the ball changes into a long ribbon (using the change can)
41 Pop Goes the Corn: unpopped corn is instantly popped with the aid of a youngster
42 Tip-Over Tube: This cylinder can vanish and/or change items.
44 Passing Colors: a white ball changes to red as it passes through the tube
46 Here, There and Where?: a quickie routine for the Tip Over Tube
47 Egg Foo Rice: use both props to make rice change to an egg, and an egg into rice
49 Drop-Through Production Tubes: Even though tubes can be dropped through each other to prove them empty, items can still be produced from them
53 Two-Handed Drop Through: a more effective way to show the tubes empty
54 What to Produce: some tips
55 Easy Liquid Production: cups of liquid!
56 The Magic Party: produce party hat, coils, whistle, etc.
57 Crush Away Glass and Liquid: utility to hide a glass so it can be vanished beneath a napkin
62 Shelf and Trap Can: an object can be dropped in and "trapped" with a 2nd object poured out.
66 Sand to Gold: Sand poured in, "gold nuggets" come out!
67 Stringing the Beads: loose beads and string poured in, strung beads come out.
68 The Long Chain of Paper Clips: loose paper clips poured in and a chain of connected clips poured out.

70 Chapter 3: Conjuring With Cardboard
70 The Ghost Frame: an empty picture frame is turned around and becomes filled with a photo
73 Another Way to Handle It: more tips
75 A Work of Art: Blank frame becomes filled with a work of Art - George Washington (a dollar bill)
76 The Invisible Mirror: a mirror appears in the frame to the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
76 Signed Card in Frame: signed card appears in the frame
78 Double Double Folder: Folder can be opened and can vanish or produce items
82 Sock Ending: a handkerchief is to be vanished but keep changing colors; then turns into a sock (uses the Double Double Folder)
84 Vanishing and Linking Ribbon Loops: three loops of colored ribbon vanish singly then appear looped together
85 Just One Wish: a birthday presentation using the Double Double Folder
86 Tilt a Tray: a clever tray that can vanish or add items as they are slid off the tray
90 Handling It With Cards: tips
90 The Cards Across: flight of two cards from one packet to another
93 Secretly Adding Cards to a Shuffled Pack
94 Using the Tray as a Switching Device: tips
94 The Dissolving Die: A large Die is placed in a cardboard tube and vanishes, to be replaced by a glass of white liquid (the dots liquified!)
99 Other Ways to Use It: tips
99 The Goldfish Triangle: a four section panel is shown on all sides and formed into a triangle. A small goldfish bowl is removed from the center.
103 Unusual Things to Produce: tips

105 Chapter 4 Boxes, Cartons, and Tubes
105 The Matchless Matchbox: rigging a matchbox so it can be shown empty and then full
109 The Solitaire Addict: A story of the man whose cards are burnt up, but then he instantly recovers them (uses a matchbox large enough to hold a deck of cards)
110 Safe Hiding Place: another suggestion for the matchbox
111 The Turn Box: an open top box is rotated on all sides to show it is empty, yet items are produced from it
116 A Crowd of Ghosts: a routine for the Turn Box using silks and a ghost story
118 Make Mine Orange Juice: a juice carton turns into a milk carton, and an empty glass becomes full of juice
123 The Portable Well: creating a well for ditching magic items as necessary. This one is built into a box you can carry your items in.
128 With a Handkerchief: using the well to vanish a ball
130 With a Bottemless Cup or Bag: more suggestions
130 The Rip-apart Tube: a ball vanishes from inside a paper tube(using the well)
132 Big Bargain Offer: a spool of thread turns into cash (another application for the well)
133 Ring A Rod: afinger ring vanishes from an envelope and is found suspended on a rod that was placed between two cups previously

141 Chapter 5 Gadgets and Gimmicks
141 Thumb Sling Coin: a gimmicked coin that you can use to vanish or make a coin appear. You can't show your hands completely clean, thouth you can handle them fairly naturally
145 A Close Up Routine With the Sling Coin
146 Rising Coin Through Envelope: with the Sling Coin
149 Six Halves and a Dollar: Six half dollars are caught from the air, and the last one changes into a dollar bill (Sling Coin)
151 Convertable Hand Tube: utility to produce, vanish, or color change a handkerchief
152 Producing a Handkerchief
154 Secretly Getting the Tube on Your Thumb
155 Simple One-hand Production
156 Vanishing a Handkerchief
156 Color Changing Handkerchief
158 Handkercheif Hanger: how to make a holder that allows you to produce one or more handkerchefs from the previously empty hands (must wear a jacket)
162 Another Way to Use It: to produce a handkerchief during another trick
162 The Bobby Clipper: a holder for playing cards or even coins
165 Hiding It In Other Places: other suggestions
166 Using it as a Double Holder
166 Using It With Other Things
167 Tip-Over Coin Holder: deliver up to 8 coins into your hand from your jacket without fumbling
169 Catching Coins from the Air: an application for the Coin Holder
173 Index

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Bill Severn's Magic Workshop by Bill Severn - Book
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