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Card Tricks and Conjuring by James William Elliott edited by Houdini - Book

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NOTE: In an ill-advised moment the reprint house decided to change the name of this book. They put a new name on the cover...the innocuous title of 'Card Tricks and Conjuring.' However, the book is the famous Houdini's Elliott's Last Legacy. Edited by Houdini. 325 pages, illustrated with line drawings....

NOTE: In an ill-advised moment the reprint house decided to change the name of this book. They put a new name on the cover...the innocuous title of 'Card Tricks and Conjuring.' However, the book is the famous Houdini's Elliott's Last Legacy.

Edited by Houdini. 325 pages, illustrated with line drawings.

Elliott was a very popular magician. Particularly some of his card effects were considered best of its kind. Nobody knew the secrets to some of Elliott's tricks. People waited impatiently for the release of this book. But it was met with some disappointment that not all of Elliott's tricks were described. The reason might well be that Elliott died before he could finish his book. Burgess and Houdini had to collect Elliott's notes and fill in some of the missing explanations. However, Elliott and Houdini believed that all the material in this book was new and has never before been published.

Opening chapters are by Houdini and important magic figures of the day. The book covers a wide variety of magic, balls, bottles, boxes, candy trick, forty five card items, mechanical chairs, chemicals, cigars, coins, dies, electric effects, flowers, glasses, hands, handkerchiefs, 25 hints and suggestions on all phases of magic, 21 illusion effects, live stock, various loads, milk, music (120 suggested musical numbers for magic), Oriental numbers, regurgitation and its use in magic (!), rings, servantes, slates, tables, telepathy, wands, water, wells. Magic as it was when Houdini was at the height of his career. This book belongs in your library for information and for sheer joy of magic reading. Full color cover. 


  • INTRODUCTION by Houdini
  • PERSONALITY by Clinton Burgess
  • EULOGIUM by Dr. Ezra Lee Buckey
  • Baseball, Magical
  • Floating, The
  • Fortune-telling, Right, Left, Centre
  • Vanished Beyond Recovery 
  • Chameleon, A
  • Milk Baby, The
  • Puzzling the Prohibitionist 
  • Japanese Magic Occidentalized
  • Self-filling Box 
  • Just Enough, Yet An Abundance 
  • Advantage, Elliott's Palm
  • Animated
  • Bat, Improved Cricket
  • Combination, For Card Location
  • Card Stacking for Exhibition Games
  • Control, Mechanical
  • Deck, Elliott's Nailed
  • Fan Off From Vest
  • Feat With the Feet, A
  • Floating Card Houlette
  • Giant Card Houlette
  • Inseparable
  • Jumping Card
  • Elliott's Cards, Plates and Goblets
  • Loading Extra Card Packet on Deck
  • Luck, Science or Hokum?
  • Elliott's 52-Card Poker Combination
  • Elliott's (New) Numerical Card Producers
  • The Elliott Method of Card Marking
  • Nine Card Trick
  • Novel Card Change
  • Elliott's, Double, Triple, Quadruple, Card Productions From Body
  • Effective, Simplex Mechanical Card Production
  • Rising, The Giant
  • Scissors, The
  • Sleight for Card in Lemon, Etc.
  • Target, New Card
  • Think Stop 
  • Force, A Natural Sure-Fire
  • Giant Fan of
  • Location, Card
  • Palm, The Elliott, Ducrot Change-over
  • Pass, The Elliott
  • Pass, Elliott's Riffle
  • Pass, Houdini's
  • Two Effective Moves by Houdini
  • Acrobatic Rising Card
  • Production of Selected Card, A New Way
  • The "O. K." Card Trick
  • Reverse, Invisible
  • Riffling
  • Scaling
  • Spelling Card
  • Tearing Deck in Two
  • An Original Method of Palming 
  • Automatic Hat-loading
  • Novel Chair for Huge Loads
  • Explosion Chair
  • Chair-cover, Correct Dimensions of 
  • Wine and Water Variation 
  • Single-handed Production From Nose 
  • Fabric, Glass, Metal, Etc. 
  • An Ingenious Die "Form" 
  • The Art of 
  • Secret Method of, for Borrowed Articles 
  • Box, Self-filling
  • Dropper, Welsh Miller's
  • Money Melting, Elliott
  • Wand, Welsh Miller's Original 
  • Wire Form for 
  • Hand-shake, A Shocking
  • Tray, The Touch-me-not 
  • "Growth of Flowers," Kellar's
  • Spectacular Effect for Same
  • Additional Spectacular Effect 
  • Table, Miller's, for Penetration Effects
  • Vanishing, Unique 
  • The Human Hand
  • Hand Versus Eye 
  • Obedient Handkerchiefs
  • Stand, Silk Producing 
  • Bird and Cage, Vanishing Effect
  • Cage and Bird Vanishing
  • "Black Artists," Hints to
  • Cabinet Curtains
  • Cards, Comical Effect for Rising
  • Cards, DeKolta's, A More Effective Way
  • Cards, Palming, Advantage for
  • Celluloid for Magical Purposes
  • Chinese Names, Genuine
  • Cleaning Fabric, Glass, Etc.
  • Code Communication, Simplex
  • Color, Flesh, to Mix
  • Color Value
  • Duplicate Articles, Identification of
  • Efficiency, Professional
  • Egg-bag, Novel Presentation
  • Live-Stock, Care of
  • Mirrors for Illusions
  • Palming Advantage
  • Paraphernalia, Scale of, and Detail
  • Passe-passe Bottle Effect
  • Precaution, Professional
  • Proficiency
  • Servante for Vest, Simplex 
  • "Anchor" or "Cross," Improved
  • Astronomagic
  • Book of History, The
  • Bottled Authors
  • Broom Witch, The
  • Change of Living Subjects
  • Concealment, Old Method of Human
  • Counterweight, Regarding
  • "C Y S I," (or) "Can You Solve It?"
  • Elixir of Life, The
  • Metamorphosis, A Novel
  • Patriotic, Novel Spectacular
  • Prisoner, The Pierced
  • Queen Queer, H. R. H.
  • Refrigeration Extraordinary
  • Tall Illusion, Regarding Unusually
  • Tenibac Mystery, The
  • Thread of Life
  • Thimble Lady
  • Trunk, Triple
  • Walking on Water 
  • Incubation, Incredible
  • Rabbits, Magical, Why White
  • Rabbits Instead of Roses
  • Stunts With the "Anermiles"
  • Live Stock, Care of 
  • Chair, Novel
  • Front, Table
  • Huge, Non-body 
  • Invisible Cow 
  • A List of 120 Musical Compositions, Suitable for Magical and Mystery Performances, Embracing 15 Marches, 12 Waltzes, 63 Miscellaneous and Oriental Oddities, 14 Additional Compositions and 16 National and Patriotic Airs 
  • Hindoo Sticks, Self-working
  • Japanese Magic Occidentalized 
  • Practical Value of in Magic 
  • Genuine Ten Ichi Thumb Tie
  • Improved Examined Rings on Cord 
  • Reversible, Chair 
  • Spencerian, The 
  • Trapless, Yet All Traps 
  • (Genuine)
  • "Experimental Telepathy With Playing Cards" 
  • Original Coin, Welsh Miller's
  • Rising, Welsh Miller's 
  • Traveling 
  • Noiseless in Operation
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    Card Tricks and Conjuring by James William Elliott edited by Houdini - Book
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