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Routined Manipulation VOL. 1 and 2 by Lewis Ganson - Book

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Now combined into one 250 page volume, these two books have to be some of the finest publications on magic ever! Most illustrations are actual black and white photos. Routines, moves, sleights are fully explained and patter is actually included in many of the routines. Presentation of Manipulation-This chapter includes...
Now combined into one 250 page volume, these two books have to be some of the finest publications on magic ever!

Most illustrations are actual black and white photos. Routines, moves, sleights are fully explained and patter is actually included in many of the routines.

  • Presentation of Manipulation-This chapter includes presentation, dress and appearance, care of the hands, make up, stage setting, music, personality, lighting ,etc. A very important chapter.
  • Production of Lighted Cigarettes-If you have ever seen John Calvert perform this routine then you know how effective it is. Here is a complete routine using the cigarette droppers and ending with the lit cigar and pipe production.
  • How Right You Are-This is a complete 4 phase card routine that will make you dig out your old rough and smooth Svengali deck.
  • Al Koran Newspaper Tear -This is the original version of the "flash restoration" torn and restored newspaper that Gene Anderson later released and has become the strongest newspaper tear ever!!
  • Fan Finale-This is Ganson's routine for card fanning using 2 decks of fanning cards interwoven to creat giant fans. I used this routine for many years when I was performing as a youngster.
  • Crazy Fans-A unique way of presenting card fan displays by sleightly angling the cards.
  • Multiplying Lighted Candles-Ganson's complete routine using the Earl Morgan Nesto Candles.
  • Fred Robinson Explains-The Bottom Deal and the Invisible Riffle Pass explained by a master.
  • Walnut Shells and Pea-A full three shell game routine with all the sleights and moves fully explained.
  • Gambler's Luck-A pet routine of Lewis Ganson's with a normal deck of cards that will become one of your favorites also.
  • Ken Brooke Cups and Balls Routine-The name Ken Brooke alone should be enough
  • The Egg on Fan-The classic effect complete with full instructions on how to make your own egg skins for performing this miracle.
  • Card Production Supreme-Ganson's unique single card production based on an Edward Victor card grip.
  • Matchic-Germany's Hans Keiser's routine with two matches wherein the heads vanish, appear, jump, change color, etc.
  • Readapack-A secret "glimpse" move enabling you to call out cards cut to from a borrowed and shuffled deck.
  • My Name, Your Name-Ganson's version of Dr. Daley's Ad Lib Spelling routine with cards using the spectator's names instead of the name of the card.
  • Coins and Glass Routine-A great routine combining a coins and glass routine with Copenetro. Nice multiple production of coins one by one from the Down's palm.
  • Koran's Solo Aces-A very fine four ace assembly from Al Koran.
  • Smoking Clay Pipes-The classic effect of producing smoke from two ordinary clay pipes with absolutely no tobacco or matches. This is a real fooler. I saw it performed only once when I was a teenager and it was extremely impressive.
  • Harold Beaumont's Dice Routine-A "quickie" routine with two dice that you can carry with you and perform anytime.
  • Harold Beaumont's Thought Prescient-A knockout mentalism routine with cards with a terrifc use of a card index.
  • Linking Ring Routine-Lewis Ganson's full routine using the standard eight ring set. Every move fully explained. Easy and effective!
  • Money Attracts Money-An easy to learn classic coins across routine that Ganson claims to be one of the strongest coin effects ever.
  • Color Changing Knives-Nine pages of sleights, moves, and full routines for the classic color changing knives.
  • Thimble Manipulation-Sixteen pages detailing all moves and sleights for a complete routine with thimbles including color changes and a two handed ten timble production finale.
  • Crystal Prism-A card revelation wherein a miniature of a selected card appears imbedded in a prism that has been totally examined.
  • Card Quota-A chapter on new versions of existing card sleights including the Glide, A New Location, Card in Wallet, Card On Ceiling, a subtle Deck Switch, and the Card Coin Cut
  • Ken Brooke Chapter-Two routines from Ken in full detail covering his "Cap and Pence" (Stack of coins) and a prediction effect with objects borrowed from spectators.
  • Henry Hay's Coins Up the Sleeve-Reprinted from the Amateur Magician's Handbook is this one by one coins across routine.
  • Color Change, Penetration, and Vanish-A complete routine using a standard silk dye tube and two colored silks.
  • Beer is Best-A simple paddle routine using two paddles with glasses and beer drawn on each one. Easy to make up yourself.
  • Ropan Silk-Cecil Keech's routine wherein a silk tied in the center of one rope keeps jumping onto another rope. The two ropes are then tied in a circle and the circle of rope stretches to a circle about fifteen feet in circumference!!! Different and strong!!!
  • My Opening Card Routine-Lewis Ganson's card fan production routine while wearing gloves. Produce fifteen card fans without ever going near the body and ending with a steady production of singles!!
  • Dr. Geimer Dice Routine-This is Dr, Geimer's extension of the Beaumont dice routine described earlier. He has lengthened the routine to make it a four phase routine.
  • Koran's Miracle Blinfold Card Act-I could see this single routine advertised at a price of $100.00 or more and magicians all over the world fighting to buy it. ( a lesson in why we should read books rather than dealer ads) A complete act using a deck of cards all performed while legitimately blindfolded. Seven phases to this routine, each one getting stronger until you end with a finish that knocks them out!! Power!!!
  • Harold Beaumont's Quartet-Four contributions from Harold including a "Do As I Do" routine, a nice idea for a Jumbo Card Fan Production, A four ace transpostion effect using two glasses making it suitable for stand up, and Sympathetic Ropes (sympathetic silks but done with ropes).
  • Sympathetic Discs-This is a "matrix" type routine using four different colored discs and two pieces of cardboard. The different colors of each disc really increases the strength of this effect.
  • Egg Bag, Bag Egg-A truly terrific routine combining the egg, the bag, and egg on fan routines.
  • Fashion Parade-Will Ayling's impromptu version of the classic rising and falling tube effect. This uses two ropes, a rolled magazine and two bulldog clips. Put it together right in front of the spectators and then perform the effect!!
  • Billiard Ball Manipulation-Forty pages of magic with billiard balls. Vanishes, productions, color changes, and full routines including the eight ball production. These forty pages contain some of the best work ever in print on billiard balls.

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Routined Manipulation VOL. 1 and 2 by Lewis Ganson - Book
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