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Talk About Tricks (2 Vol Set) by Joshua Jay - Book

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For the first time ever, every single one of Joshua Jay's iconic "Talk About Tricks" columns from MAGIC Magazine has been compiled into one stunning, two-book set. 868 tricks across 12 years of work have been combined into what is one of the most comprehensive collections of close-up magic ever...

For the first time ever, every single one of Joshua Jay's iconic "Talk About Tricks" columns from MAGIC Magazine has been compiled into one stunning, two-book set. 868 tricks across 12 years of work have been combined into what is one of the most comprehensive collections of close-up magic ever offered.

During its more than a decade-long run, "Talk About Tricks" was the place magicians wanted their magic published. Some of the best magicians in the world, like David Williamson, Lance Burton, Jeff McBride, Darwin Ortiz, Jay Sankey, Paul Harris, and many others, tipped their newest and best material in this column. This also included magic icons that have since passed on like Martin Gardner, Brother John Hamman, and Larry Jennings, and the first magic in print for some of your favorite magicians like Daniel Garcia, Calen Morelli, Harapan Ong, Paul Vigil and Asi Wind.

Now, with the full support of MAGIC Magazine, Vanishing Inc. and Joshua Jay present the complete collection in a breathtaking two-volume set of hardcover books. These gorgeous books feature crystal-clear photos printed on premium, low-gloss paper and come wrapped in a translucent dust jacket that changes color when removed. Both volumes are secured in a bespoke, clothbound slipcase.

No matter your style or skill level, there is something for everyone in Talk About Tricks: The Complete File. This is not just card tricks or coin magic either. From pens to pets and everything in-between, there are tricks with basically any object you can find in your house.

These books also feature the same groundbreaking format introduced by "Talk About Tricks". You'll never waste time reading a trick, only to find out that it's outside your current skill level. Each trick has a visual guide that allows you to know the difficulty of a trick at a glance.

Beyond sharing the workings of each trick, Joshua Jay also spoke with the magicians about their creative process. This was topped off by a special section called "Experttalk" that featured the real work behind the most important sleight of hand moves in magic. From David Williamson breaking down the top change, to Gary Plants tipping his work on the bottom deal and Ken Krenzel exploring the mechanical reverse, these are the insights that help take your sleight of hand to the next level.

Talk About Tricks: The Complete File is a treasure trove of information worthy of study for years to come. Joshua Jay dedicated a substantial part of his life to this column and is thrilled to finally make the complete collection available to you.

"An astounding collection of magic. This was where I first published 'Time is Money,' and it's where a lot of people first heard from me. You'll be studying this set for years."
- Asi Wind

"Joshua Jay's Talk About Tricks was THE spot to publish magic in its day where I was honored to be included and published next to some of our industry's giants. I am thrilled to see the collection available for a new generation of magicians."
- Danny Garcia

"Talk about tricks is a mountain of inspiration. It's my very favorite trick column."
- Rune Klan

"Joshua Jay made Talk About Tricks a place for new talent and cutting-edge ideas. It was one of the first places I published my magic. Josh has dedicated his life to help advance magic and this set is filled with some great ideas."
- Calen Morelli

"I honestly cannot think of a magic column that has done more for today's young generation of magic creators than Joshua Jay's Talk About Tricks Column. It was a vibrant creative hub for magicians to publish their original material for the magic community, and so many of your favorite magic creators have literally started their publishing journey in Talk About Tricks. Thank you Josh for collating all 868 tricks in this monster set of books - it truly is a goldmine of priceless information to be treasured for generations to come."
- Harapan Ong

"For almost a decade Josh gathered hundreds and hundreds of wonderful creations. Every month had something incredible to learn and practice-I looked forward to it every month, and now I'm excited that all this great material will be in one place."
- Paul Vigil

"Weighing in at 144 monthly installments MAGIC, "Talk About Tricks" was clearly the longest-running column in the magazine. It was also one of the most popular ones, partially because of the big-name talent Josh brought to the publication. Lance Burton, Harry Lorayne, Paul Harris, Phil Goldstein, Jay Sankey, and David Williamson - and that was just in his first column! Just as important, and possibly more important, was Josh's knack for introducing us to new talent, talent destined to become big names in our field! Over the years, I've lost count of the number of well-known magicians who have told me that for them it all started by being in the pages of "Talk About Tricks!" That's quite a legacy"
- Stan Allen


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Talk About Tricks (2 Vol Set) by Joshua Jay - Book
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