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Exclusive Magical Secrets by Will Goldston - Book

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Note: Slightly shopwornContents:Contents Introduction to "Exclusive Magical Secrets" Additional Notes Part I Pocket Tricks The Chefalo Disappearing Knots A Loop of String and a Finger Caught with a Loop From Hat to Hat The Handkerchief and the Wand The Mesmerised Match Box The Mystic Matches A New Match Trick The...

Note: Slightly shopworn


Introduction to "Exclusive Magical Secrets"
Additional Notes

Part I Pocket Tricks
The Chefalo Disappearing Knots
A Loop of String and a Finger
Caught with a Loop
From Hat to Hat
The Handkerchief and the Wand
The Mesmerised Match Box
The Mystic Matches
A New Match Trick
The Animated Cigar
The Coin and the Glasses
The Missing Sixpence

Part II Drawing-Room Tricks
Three Card Tricks Including Two Novel Ways of Finding Chosen Cards
The Mysterious Couple
A New and Original Thought-Reading Trick with Cards
An Entirely New Method for Discovering a Chosen Card
The Spelling Spirit
The Changing Envelope
Automatic Chessmen

Part III Stage Tricks
The "WG" Glass Casket
The Travelling Die
Silent Thought Transmission
The Plume and the Tube
A Bird Cage Illusion
The Animated Sketch
Two New Clock Tricks
The Flying Lamp
Bertram's Walnut Trick
The Lemon and Bank Notes
The Dissolving Ball
Chefalo's Candle and Handkerchief Trick
The Accommodating Bottle
Loading the Big Drum
The Travelling Eggs
The "New" Dove Bottle
The Latest Thought-Reading Trick
Two Mysterious Cigars
The Magical Production of an Umbrella and an Umbrella Stand
The Crystal Cylinders
The Best of all Handkerchief Swords
The Glass of Water and the Hat
A Palm from a Walking Stick
A New Restored Card Trick
The Cards through the Hat
The Rising Cards with the Swinging Houlette
The Best Rising Card Trick
The Rising Card Box
Cards Rising from a Closed Box
A Complete Watch Act
The Stool and the Prophet
The New Die and Hat Trick
The Changing Rabbit
The Magical Production of a Large Aviary
The New Fish Bowl Trick
The Chefalo Duck Tub
The New Spirit Pictures
From Decanter to Wine Glasses

Part IV Chinese Magic
The New Rice Bowls
The Sugar Stick Trick
Chefalo's Chinese Duck Production Act
The Production of a Barrel of Water
The Chinese Pagoda
The Tea Chest Mystery
The Magic Cauldron
The Buddha Mystery
The Umbrella and the Handkerchiefs
A Bowl of Water and Some Confetti

Part V Magical Tips
An Electric Coin Ejector
The Best of all Pulls
The Best Throw-out
The "Shutter" Trap
A Double Trap
The Elevator Trap
The "WG" Step-Ladder for Trap
How to Protect One's Secrets during a Performance
Martin Chapender's Diminishing Cards
The "MA" Automatic Servante
Methods for enabling a Performer to change Places with his Assistant

Part VI Harry Houdini's Tricks
Houdini's Rope Tie
Houdini's Escape from Two Boxes
Houdini's Ice Pick Release
The Houdini Pillory Illusion
The Houdini Challenge Handcuff

Part VII Buatier de Kolta
Buatier de Kolta's Expanding Cube Illusion

Part VIII Comedy Tricks
A Novel Hat and Rabbit Trick
Furnishing a Flat
The Mysterious Production of a Coil of Rope
A Weird Dinner Table
The Production of a Girl on a Chair
A Novel Cigar Lighter
The Lazy Smoker
A Mysterious Bouquet
A Curious Dream
The Acrobatic Dog
The Winking Cat
A Beard in a Second

Part IX Quick Changes
Some Quick Changes
Quick Change Effect

Part X Automata
The Whist-Playing Automaton

Part XI Juggling
The Self-Lighting Candle
A Juggling Feat with an Envelope, a Pair of Scissors, and a Pen
Balancing a Feather
"The" Billiard Ball Balance
A Billiard Ball Balance
A Fine Balancing Feat with Billiard Balls
The Billiard Ball and the Fan

Part XII Stage Illusions
The Disappearing Piano
The Lady and the Lion
The Revolving Piano
Denton's Cabinet Trick
The Electrocution Chair
Kellar's Floating Lady
The Tea Chest and Tea Boxes
The Mirror Illusion
The Cannon and Crystal Box
The Three Graces
Will Goldston's Glass Box Illusion
The Swing Illusion
The Target Illusion
The Mysterious Iron Cage
The Growing Box
Canned Goods
The Pretty Bird
The Girl and Handkerchief Illusion
Watch Her Go!
Gee Whiz!
The Lady who Revolves in Mid-Air
Chefalo's Cage Cabinet
The Merry Widow Illusion
The Servais Le Roy Illusion

Final Notes

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Exclusive Magical Secrets by Will Goldston - Book
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