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Magi Magoria: The Magic of the Magi by Knox Crichton - Book

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Magi Magoria contains a compilation of effects from The Order Of The Magi. The Order Of The Magi was founded in 1909 England. Its members contributed their favorite effects (all worker material) to include everything from Spirit Slates and Mind Reading to their takes on classic effects such as the Cups...

Magi Magoria contains a compilation of effects from The Order Of The Magi. The Order Of The Magi was founded in 1909 England. Its members contributed their favorite effects (all worker material) to include everything from Spirit Slates and Mind Reading to their takes on classic effects such as the Cups & Balls. 


3 Part One
3 Preface - The Whyfore (Knox Crichton)
4 President's Foreword (Ralph Wilkerson)
5 Contents
7 Publisher's Notes (Edwin Hooper)
8 The Action Committee (Eric Wheeler)

9 Part Two Information (Knox Crichton): about Claudine Chandler
11 Stagecraft (Claude Chandler): performance tips as related by The Magical Claudine
14 Manipulation in the Making (Geoffrey Buckingham): inspiration for the young performer with some basic slights
17 Divers Definitions (Jack Potter): comedy definitions, such as "bore", a man who is here today and here tomorrow
18 Money In Magic (Knox Crichton): improving your cash flow, includes a Headline Prediction routine
24 Divers Definitions: continued

25 Part Three Trix Miscellanea
25 Slate Offhand (Max Jacobson): writing appears on a slate, no flap
26 Have a Drink On Me (Mark Weston): drink card selected by man matches drink selected by woman, and a matching drink is produced
32 Seedy (Derek Lever): carnation seeds poured into the hand turn into a carrot, and the seed back is also now for carrots
33 the Maldwyn Pyramid (Mal Davies): an advanced version of anti-gravity glasses
35 Pimpernel (Max Jacobson): effect for your handkerchief wand
36 Divers Definitions: continued
37 Linking Ring Through Arm (Scott Christian): at the conclusion of a Linking Ring Routine, the ring penetrates an assistant's arm
39 Exitable (Ralph Wikinson): table used during performance changes into a wooden rabbit, and when walking off presents a "bye-now" sign
41 Know Your Navy (J.C. Hough): card revelation using special Navy playing cards, adaptable to other unique playing card decks
42 A Memory of Leslie Lester (Jack Meredith): Lester's use of silks to separate the Key Ring for the Linking Rings
43 Attafags (Mark Weston): multiple prediction using a stack of cigarette boxes and a custom holder

49 Part Four Close Up Stuff
49 Colour Blind (Trevor Dawson): small white balls are in a tube when poured out turn to colors
51 Three Coin Transposition (Brian Howard): coins pass from one spectator's hand to another in various phases
53 Dead-Eye Dick (Trevor Dawson): four half-cigarettes assemble to one corner under covers
55 Magi-Mini TV (Stanley Neale): using a box made from an old Wilkinson Sword razor box, the selected card appears in the spectator's "miniature tv"
56 Tight Squeeze (Brian Warburton): clever variation of the ball and tube
58 See-Saw Candle (Sid Bloom): interesting science experiment
59 The Vanishing Glasses (C.E. James): performer's eyeglasses vanish from under a handkerchief and appear on his face
61 Quick Off (Sam Oldham): finger ring off rubber-band
62 A Rose For My Lady (Jack Potter): woman chooses the Rose card and is rewarded with a rose

65 Part Five Take-a-Card
65 Girls-v-Criminals (Trevor Dawson): card story with cops and robbers
67 Twin Pack Routine (Sid Bloom): card selected from blue deck vanishes and rises in a red deck, with a blue back, done twice
69 The Twenty-Thousand Force (Mark Weston): forcing a 9
69 Clocked (Mark Weston): selection is found from cards formed in a clock face
71 Magicassette (Mark Weston): spectator chooses audio tape that was predicted
73 Thro' The Table (Sam Oldham): selected card penetrates the table
74 Card in Glass (Arthur Day): chosen card ends up in a glass covered by a scarf
75 Shot Encore (Trevor Dawson): comedy bullet through card
76 The Dissolving Card (David Le Moin): a selected card dissolves in water and rematerializes in a photo frame
78 Telephone Card (Mark Weston): an over the phone trick with cards and a calendar
80 Goldston Re-Visited (Peter McDonald): impromptu mathematical revelation of two cards
83 Centre Palm (Sam Oldham): selection ends up in performer's pocket
84 Think-a-Card (Eric Wheeler): comedy card routine where mentally selected card vanishes to be found in nest of envelopes
87 Simple Boomerand (Kevin Fox): a card toss
88 Fan Replacement (Sam Oldham): card chosen and returned to a fan is found at location specified by a second spectator
89 Cartes Biseautees (Eric Wheeler): three offbeat effects and one flourish using a stripper deck
89 - Turnover Card
89 - Card in Pocket
89 - The Rising Card
90 - Fanning Strippers
91 Kum-Koins (Kevin Fox): coins appear below four Aces using a special gimmick
92 One-Hand Three-Card Trick (Peter McDonald): one handed gambler theme
94 Another Cut-Up (Gus Southall): magician separates pieces of two cut up cards behind his back
95 Divers Definitions: continued
96 My Astral Eye (Jesse Demaline): a slate and card trick
99 Shy Joker (Jack Hogan): using the Hogan false count for Jumbo cards
101 Super-Supreme Control (Bayard Grimshaw): a full routine with a slightly stacked deck and a finger-reel based on ability to control the cards
106 Divers Definitions: continued

107 Part Six Mind Magic
107 In the News (Mark Weston): can be used as magazine or headline prediction
110 Cross-Eyed Calculation (Peter McDonald): demonstration in lightning calculation
112 Routined Psychology (Jack Leigh): a quick might miss prediction and sure-fire follow up using magician's choice
113 Forget Dr. Rhine (Knox-Crichton): an essay on Dr. Rhine and an introduction to telepathy

117 Part Seven Kids Kompendium
117 Entertaining Kiddies (Uncle Jesse - Jesse Demaline): essay
118 Birthday Magic (Jesse Demaline): invisible man helps magician in this routine using a slate, drawer box, toy phone, rope & bottle, spirit bell
120 Divers Definitions: continued
121 Safety First (Jesse Demaline): a safety lesson using a rabbit or dove pan, change bag, prop rabbit, flat rabbit, etc.
124 Oy Yes We Can (Jack Griggs): silks appear, become knotted, and untie
128 Mrs. Floss's Sweet Shop (Raon Baron): square circle principle with a platform sized prop
130 All Square (Ernie Tongue): how to make a squared square, a variation of the square circle

131 Part Eight Notions
131 Magi Mothballs (Sid. Bloom): mothballs rise and sink
132 Popper (Kevin Fox): a small head pops out of jacket and back again
133 Aftershow Rabbitstunt (Knox-Crichton): a stunt with your live rabbit
133 Spongeball Pinch (Trevor Dawson): description of the pinch vanish as used in Benson Bowl routines
134 So You Want to Play With Fire (Stromboli and Silvia): producing fire from the hands for your entrance
134 Divers Definitions: continued
136 Drumhead With a Difference (Ernie Tongue): a do it yourself prop

137 Part Nine Advice Notes
137 Verdless Vent (Oscar Paulson): a ventriloquist program for the deaf
139 A Spot of Juggling (Joe Marsh): a quick intro to 3 ball juggling
141 Comedy Magic - It's Hard (Knox-Crichton): essay
144 - The Note in the Egg: borrowed note is burned but found restored in an egg

148 Part Ten More Magic
148 Cube to Ball (Mal Davies): a cube changes to a ball, which then floats
151 Jumbo Jets (David Le Moin): four cards rise on command from a mechanical Houlette
153 Elusive Coins (Max Jacobson): gimmicks to vanish or produce a stack of coins

154 Part Eleven Make-Up
154 Introduction (Knox-Crichton): about Adele
155 Stage and Cabaret Make-Up (Adele): introduction
155 Preparing the Skin
156 Application of Foundation
156 Highlighting and Shading
156 Lip Make-Up
156 Eye Make-Up
156 Powder
156 Suggestions for Make-Up Outfits
157 Club Assortment

158 Magic in Manchester (Bayard Grimshaw): history of Order of the Magi
162 Looking Back The Magi Day of Magic (Roy Currie): brief article and small B&W photos of 1976 event
164 The Brotherhood: member list as of 1976

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Magi Magoria: The Magic of the Magi by Knox Crichton - Book
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