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Sensational Mentalism by Bob Nelson - Book

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This is an exceptional collection of mentalism routines and effects containing a variety of concepts and techniques by a number of different authors, as well as some special surprises. VOL. 1 Contents: 3 Preface5 A Penny for Your Thoughts (Bob Nelson)6 New Concepts in Mentalism (Bob Nelson)9 The Bold Approach...
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This is an exceptional collection of mentalism routines and effects containing a variety of concepts and techniques by a number of different authors, as well as some special surprises.

VOL. 1


3 Preface
5 A Penny for Your Thoughts (Bob Nelson)
6 New Concepts in Mentalism (Bob Nelson)
9 The Bold Approach (Bob Nelson)
17 Simplified Impromptu Billet Reading (Bob Nelson)
20 The Man With the Attache Case (Bob Nelson)
22 Minds Enrapport (Bob Nelson)
25 Two Minds in Unison (Bob Nelson)
28 The Phantom Mentalist (Bob Nelson)
30 A Phono-Tape Recorder Prediction (Bob Nelson)
33 An Experiment in ESP (Bob Nelson)
35 Psychic Cigarette Test (Bob Nelson)
37 Bob Nelson's Priceless Secret
41 Fu-TURE Prediction (FuManchu)
42 Registered Letter Prediction (Syd Bergson)
44 Russian Roulette (Alan Milan)
49 Super Slate Test (Alan Milan)
52 Master Mental Divination (Dr. H. Walter Grote)
54 Magazine Test (Syd Bergson)
55 Synonymous Thoughts (Bob Parrish)
57 Mnemonic-Touch Memory (Gerald Kosky)
60 Tips on the Blindfold (Philip Morris)
62 THINK STOP! (Bob Tripp)
64 A Tripp(LE) Prediction (Bob Tripp)
68 The Fabulous Phono-Tape Recorder Prediction (Bob Tripp)

VOL. 2


3 Foreword
4 The Nelson Mentalism Survey (Bob Nelson)
8 The Dollar Bill Mystery (Bob Nelson)
10 Shades of Dr. Rhine (Bob Nelson)
13 "Impromptu E.S.P. Experiments (Bob Nelson)
15 Question Feature (David Ray)
16 "To Die or Not to Die" (Al Mann)
19 The Dead Must Return! (Norman Johnstone)
22 A Prediction Routine for Dr. Q Slates (Bob Nelson)
25 A One in 26,000 Chance Prediction (Bob Nelson)
26 Psychic Perception (Syd Bergson)
28 The Parlor Psychic (Micky Hades)
30 Lecture for the Crystal Gazer (Bob Nelson)
32 Magazine Prediction Test (John Malone)
33 Alternate Book Test (Bob Nelson)
34 Blindfold Cigarette Test (Bob Nelson)
35 Breaking a Cocktail Glass by Thought Waves (Bob Nelson)
37 Mental Television "Thought Control" (Fred Peterson and Burling Hull)
45 - Presentation Number 2
46 - Presentation Number 3
47 - Presentation Number 4
48 - Variation of Number 4
51 Instant Crystal Gazer (The Amazing Maurice)
53 The Map Mental Effect (The Amazing Maurice)
56 Aldini's Version of "The Mystic Three"
59 The Revealing Flame (Arthur Setterington)
63 Ben Casey (Sidney J. Kibble)
66 Psychic Signs (Sidney J. Kibble)
68 Three Silk Divination ("Chander")
70 Novelty Headline Prediction (The Amazing Maurice)


VOL. 3


3 Foreword
5 The Master Key Book Test (Jack Bastow)
7 She (Al Mann)
10 The Book-Nook Prophesy (Al Mann)
11 The Powers That Be (Al Mann)
12 The Paperback Mental Test (Amazing Maurice)
13 Design In Duplicate (Amazing Maurice)
14 A Timely Force (Syd Bergson)
15 The Psychic Touch (Norm Johnstone)
17 Twin Thoughts (Richard Lyn)
19 Heat Waves (Larry Thornton)
21 Simplex Book Test (Al Lacoste)
22 Fee-F1-Fo-Fum (Jerry Fulton)
23 Fantastic Double Esp Prediction (Bob Tripp)
26 Eventuality (Stephen Minch)
34 Framed Heart Wave Images (Warren Wexler)
37 Tarot Feature (David Ray)
39 A Closing Combination (Jack Dean)
43 Deciphering (Dirk Minnebo)
45 Inner-Most Secret (Arthur Setterington)
47 Sense-A-Symbol (Bob Mason)
48 Yesterday I Predicted (Warren Wexler)
50 Impromptu Gemini Minds (Max Abrams)
51 Silent Shock (North Bigbee)
52 Stunning Mentality (Henry Bohlen)
54 You Were There (Jack Dean)
58 The Esp Touch (James Swoger)
59 Three Mental Quickies (Steve Skomp)
60 Triple Cannister Prediction (Jerry Fulton)
62 Lux Fiat (John Sherwood)
65 Double Feature (Phil Goldstein)


VOL. 4


3 Foreword
4 Billet Reading Routine (Bob Nelson)
6 Perplexing Mindreading Routine (Bob Nelson)
11 Think Colorful (Bob Nelson)
12 Solid Thru Solid (Bob Nelson)
14 Enigma of Time (Bob Nelson)
17 Deceased Person Test (Bob Nelson)
18 Sensational Publicity Stunt (Bob Nelson)
19 Impromptu Prediction (Bob Nelson)
20 'Gypsy' Switch Utilized (Bob Nelson)
21 An ESP Miracle (Bob Nelson)
23 Fooling the Foolers (Bob Nelson)
26 Psychometry Reading (Maurice)
29 For Magician's Only (Bob Nelson)
30 Impromptu Coincidence (Maurice)
31 Key-R-Rect Prediction (Jay Michele)
32 Do It Yourself Duplication (Fred Kolb)
34 Out of This Universe - Outdone (Syd Bergson)
36 The Sub-Conscious (Gerald Kosky)
38 Poignant Perceptions (Holly F. Schramm)
40 Spiegelschrift (Tony Shiels)
41 The Sorcerer's Syllables (Duane G. Henry)
43 It's About Time (Joseph M. White)
44 The Threshold of Miracle (Al Mann)
48 Dr. D'S X-Ray-Ize (David M. Douglas)
52 A 'Bold' Center Tear - ESP (David M. Douglas)
54 An Opener with Nelson's Ghost Writer (Marko)
56 Reymont on Mentalism (Marc Reymont)
58 A Number Force (Al Mann)
60 Spirit Photography (Vic Perry)
61 Automated Telepathy (Vic Perry)
63 Mental Phenomena (Bob Tripp)
66 After - Thoughts

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