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Success Book Series VOL. 1-4 - Books

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Now in Four Big Volumes! A guide to every aspect of your magic life Illustrated throughout with photographs of magicians of all kinds - mostly at work with magic props. Pictures by Irving Desfor, Pete Biro, and others. Plus line drawings where needed. (Even if you couldn't read, you'd still...
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Now in Four Big Volumes!

A guide to every aspect of your magic life Illustrated throughout with photographs of magicians of all kinds - mostly at work with magic props. Pictures by Irving Desfor, Pete Biro, and others. Plus line drawings where needed. (Even if you couldn't read, you'd still enjoy "Success"!)

Who are the people who wrote this book? And what do they know about magic? Nobody already in the magic field needs to ask this question, but for the newcomer be assured, Jay and Frances Marshall had, between them, 85 years of experience in every phase of the business, including round the world performing.

Over 40 guaranteed "experts" in their own category of magic wrote articles in detail on their subject. Dozens more checked various lists for accuracy, adding thoughts and ideas. Still others made possible the use of rare photos, memorabilia and material. It becomes a detailed pattern for your magic life!!

  • Over 900 Pages!
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1973-1984
  • Binding: Comb Soft-bound or Comb Hardbound

    Vol. 1 Contents:

    3 Introduction
    7 Why This Book Was Written
    12 You, the Performer
    21 Formal Wear Chart
    23 How to Look Your Best Under the Worst Possible Circumstances
    32 How to Look Your Best Part II: Make Up ad Character Suggestions
    43 The Tricks
    46 Brief Outline on the Presentation of Magic
    51 The Assistant
    59 Staging the Show
    68 Staging the Show Part II
    75 Patter
    81 Presentation for an Anniversary Show
    81 Money Like Magic: Demonstration/Speed with magic for money raising events
    82 The Visitors
    99 Packing for the Show
    91 Jay Marshall’s List of Magicians’ Necessities
    93 Work With the Animals
    102 Booking the Magic Show
    109 Help Yourself to Headlines
    123 Promoting Yourself In Your Own Home Town
    140 You Sure Know How to Hurt a Guy!: An evaluation test
    143 Loss!
    150 How to Avoid Accidents
    153 The Magic of Taxes
    157 After You’re Gone
    161 The Santa Caper
    166 USO
    171 Entertaining In Hospitals
    177 The Boiler Room
    183 Cruise Ship Magic
    186 Theatre of Illusion
    190 Shopping Centers and Malls
    193 Helping Them Raise Money

    Vol 2. Contents:

    203 101 Ways to Make Money from Magic
    289 A Magical Retirement
    291 The Magic Inventors
    301 The Puzzling Environment
    325 The Black Magician
    335 The Great American Lecture Game
    345 Hey, Look us Over!
    349 Still Another Way to Make Money from Magic
    350 The Real Pros
    353 Ronald McDonald/Hamburger Fun
    354 On Being a Magic Dealer
    357 The Magic Junkmen
    365 The Trickery
    367 Those Magic Expendables
    371 The Magic Magazine and Its Pitfalls
    381 Writing About Magic for Public Reading
    386 Bert Allerton Amusement
    387 Fabulous World of Trade Shows
    394 Profile of a Trade Show Entrepreneur
    405 The Business Oriented Magician
    407 Putting Magic into the Trade Exhibit
    413 The Tame Magician
    418 Television and the Magician
    419 How to Get on Any Network TV Show
    427 The Royal Road to the Big time
    429 Cable Television
    434 Capture That Magic from the TV Screen
    436 How Magic and Photography Blend Together
    437 Magic Clubs and You
    437 Be a Joiner
    441 Why and Wherefore of a Magic Convention
    444 The Problem that Won’t Stay Solved
    449 Making Money Selling Money
    455 Magic of Fashions
    456 Which Witch Are You?
    458 The Magic Castle
    460 How and Where to Get What You Want


    VOL. 3 Contents:

    Our Magic Neighborhood
    Welcome to Volume III
    John Shirley and the Balloon Barrage
    Stan Greer Makes a Presentation
    Fine Art of Collecting
    Conjuring in the Streets
    Working The me Parks
    Bunkin's Success Story and the Fantasy-Grams
    Magic, the Wonder-Full Hobby
    This Something Called Magic
    Le Grand David and His Own Spectacular Magic Company
    Magic Among the Bankers
    Video Magic
    Magician and the Video Recorder
    Those Precious Tiny Horses
    Conjuriatrics, The Art of Entertaining the Elderly
    Performing for the Mentally Retarded
    Success With Seniors
    Cruise Ship Magic
    Conjuring Charisma
    Fashions for Men
    Latest in Dentistry Abracad abra
    Direct Booking of Schools
    Gerard Majax, Magician from Franee
    The Man Who Gets Laughs For Presidents
    Ten Rules for Better Comedy
    The Man Who Gets Laughs With Presidents
    Biography of Mark O'Brien
    Framework for a Magic Skit
    The Magic Bus Brought to Life
    Put Magic In Your Training
    If There's One Born Every Minute, You Might As Well Profit
    Dear Abbey...
    How Much Do I Charge For a Trade Show
    Trade Shows Now and Where They're Headed
    Note From Bob Snodell
    Inside Look at a Trade Show Survey
    Stuart Cramer Comments
    From The ldea Machine, Inc.
    Mike Rogers on Trade Shows
    Dick Swandby, Trade Show Expert, Surveys the Situation
    Review of a Trade Show Biggie
    Comments on the Trades by Lorayne
    Tom and Liza Tucker and ESP Inc
    Nothing Succeeds Like Success
    Willy Wonka
    Some Aspects of Trade Shows
    Introduction to Working Sales Meetings
    About Sales Meetings
    The Johnny Gaughan I Know

    Adaptability, the Key to Success in Close Up Magic
    A Repro Magic Illusions
    Big Audiences Small Magic
    The American Museum of Magic
    How About Magic for a Real Live Commercial?
    The Steve Hart Parakeet Circus
    Selling Magical Services
    Invitation to Ringling Brothers Clown College
    Lions, Tigers, Magicians and Others
    Let's Hear it for The Kitty Kats
    Be a Haunted House Entreprener
    Using Assistants From the Audience
    The Many Faces of Success
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert Albo Invite You
    Ten Thousand Books - Many of Them Magic
    Study Magic Like the Pros
    These Shoes Are Made for Clowning
    Insuring Your Magic Collection
    There's More Than One Way to be A Champ
    Magician on the Mound
    Mike Lum, Chicago Cubs
    To Be Successful, You Have To Be Ready
    Another Kind of Success
    Playing the Colleges
    Telling the World
    Paul Drisocoll
    Theatre is Magic
    New and Different

    How to Write a Magical Best Seller by Val Andrews

    The Magic of Custom Advertising by Larry Schalk

    How to Win a Magic Contest by an Cleve


    VOL. 4 Contents:

    Square Circle
    Kleefield Changeable Square Circle ideas
    Six More Kleefeld Designs
    Cox Modern Production Frame
    Harbin's Nest of Boxes Production
    Routine for the Nest of Boxes
    Peek In Panels
    Breakaway Box
    Variation on the Breakaway Box
    Celebrating with your Favorite Puppet
    The Days We Celebrate
    Hermagic Magic Vent Puppet
    Black Art Cage
    Flash Finale
    Do It Yourself Designs on Silks
    Santa's Workshop and Other Christmas Magic
    The Farmer and the Witch Theme
    Boxing With Magic
    Exhibiting and Handling of Small Apparatus
    Gwynne Flip Over Box
    The Doll's House
    Christmas Magic Book
    Shopping to Celebrate with Magic
    Celebrating Talk with Client
    Halloween Adaptation for Square Circle Cabinet
    Trick or Treat
    Anniversary Show
    Gag for All Seasons
    Magic Santa Claus
    Trick or Treat
    Anniversary Show
    The Santa Claus Card
    Merry Christmas with the Six Card Repeat
    Vanishing Christmas Wand
    Cut and Restored Christmas Ribbon
    Floating Christmas Tree Ornament
    Good Deed Container
    Magic Christmas Letters
    Allessandro's Christmas Tree Production
    Mrs. Murphy's Christmas Tree
    Hubert the Undernourished Rabbit
    Red White and Blue Fantasy
    Christmas Tree/Cherry Tree
    Celebrating with Magic, The Bunny Bit
    Showtime at Marriott's Great America
    Bunny in a Basket
    Don Lawton's Presentation of Dove Penetration Frame
    The Days We Celebrate Part II
    On Building a Magic Library
    Super Show, Part II: Planning for Perfection
    Customizing Your Magic by Bob Miller
    The One Minute Magician by Bob Miller
    Gold for the Gold at the Seminar
    Something Else


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