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The Dance of Shiva by Docc Hilford - Book

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Imagine this: you ask someone to think of a line from their favorite poem. Something you could not possibly know. They write the sentence across the center of their business card. They fold it and drop it on the table. You pick it up, tighten the creases, and place it...
Imagine this: you ask someone to think of a line from their favorite poem. Something you could not possibly know. They write the sentence across the center of their business card. They fold it and drop it on the table. You pick it up, tighten the creases, and place it in their palm. Actions that take less than five seconds. The folded card never leaves their view.

In that brief time, you have read the entire sentence right in front of the spectator! After revealing the secret information, the card can be opened, checked, and even shown to the spectator!

You don't have to tear up the paper in order to get the information like a Center Tear. You only use the single billet! There isn't any switching.

The Dance of Shiva delivers the information to you as fast as you can read it, but keeps it in view for as long as you need. No quick glances. The same billet is always in view. You use only your hands and the paper or card. You don't shield the card at any time. The Dance of Shiva can be used to answer questions, duplicate designs, in word tests with actual book pages, with playing cards, maps or about any creative mental effect where secret information is needed.

It doesn't seem possible, but The Dance of Shiva does exactly that. The Dance of Shiva has these important features:
No special props; you're always ready.
It can be done surrounded or standing.
There is no need for a dummy or duplicate billet.
No need to openly tear the billet apart to get the information as in the Center tear.
No tilting or squeezing of the billet - not a peek!
The folded billet never leaves the sight of the sitter.
The information is read in front of the sitter, not on your lap or behind something.
No windows cut in the card; it can be THEIR business card.
There is no switching.
The information is in front of you, so you do not have to read quickly.
You are absolutely clean before and after the effect.
It takes less than 5 seconds to reveal the writing.
The method can be repeated for the same audience!
The written information is in the center of the card as it logically should be.
When writing, the sitter has complete freedom to handle the card.
Unlike anything previously invented by anyone, REALLY!
Plus 16 additional original effects and handling tips.
Easy to do - but reserved for real professionals. The Cassandra Deck is unlike anything you've seen before. Here are just two of the many effects possible:
You write a prediction on a slip of paper and place it aside. The deck is slowly shown to a spectator. She sees that every card is different. It is riffled toward her again and this time she silently remembers any card she sees. You're able to tell her exactly which card she mentally chose! And better yet, written on the slip of paper is the name of the same card!
A deck of cards is shown to contain all different cards, then wrapped with a rubberband and tossed into the audience. Any number of people can peek at cards and you identify each person's card! Not all the cards at once, but each card one at a time!
Important Features
The deck can be ribbon spread on a table to show all 52 different cards.
There are no specially printed cards, nothing added or taken away.
Each card can be chosen by hand or examined by the spectator.
You know exactly where any thought-of card is in the deck.
The deck can be cut and shuffled repeatedly.
The spectator never has to write anything.
The effects can be repeated with different cards mentally chosen each time.
Very easy to do! No memorization or difficult sleight-of-hand required.
Comes with a Cassandra Deck on Bicycle stock and detailed instructions.

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The Dance of Shiva by Docc Hilford - Book
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