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The Hierophant by Jon Racherbaumer - Book

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The Hierophant was a periodical produced by Jon Racherbaumer consisting of mostly card magic with contributions from many. There was a Tannen reprint of numbers 1-7, but according to Genii's Magicpedia, this edition is missing some material. All of the material was later combined into the hardcover "The Legendary Hierophant"....

The Hierophant was a periodical produced by Jon Racherbaumer consisting of mostly card magic with contributions from many. There was a Tannen reprint of numbers 1-7, but according to Genii's Magicpedia, this edition is missing some material. All of the material was later combined into the hardcover "The Legendary Hierophant".


No. 1, Mostly Marlo Issue, Fall (September) 1969

Frontispiece: Proem

1 Major Arcana
1 Marlo Handles the Open Prediction

26 Minor Arcana
26 Addition to Marlo's "Matching Miracle"
27 Heldman's "Out of This World" Clean-up

28 Estimations
28 Faro Fantasy, Finagling, and Paul Swinford
29 Karl Fulves & Riffle Shuffle Set-ups

31 Satiricon
31 Cardmanship
32 Footnote to Ferris
33 Mirabile Dictu
34 Excerpt from a Dialogue Overheard at a Convention

35 Postscript
I Finale: Publisher's Palaver or About this Issue

No. 2, Winter 1969

38 Major Arcana: New Fangled Glimpse Anthology & Marlo Stalks the Ultimate Sandwich
38 IF Glimpse
40 FI Glimpse
40 Spring Glimpse
41 Neo-Piquant Glimpse
42 Marlo's Beveled Deck Glimpse
43 Turn Around Center Glimpse
46 Marlo Stalks the Ultimate Sandwich
47 Marlo's "Collectors"
49 Alternatives for the "Collectors"
52 Signed Card Transposition
53 Pre-Peeked Deuce Sandwich

57 Holiday Bonus Section: All Marlo Material
57 Notes on the Lie Speller
58 Marlo's "Unknown" Speller
61 Marlo on Stebbins/Stay-Stack
62 Four Ace Stop
63 "Over Here, of Course!"
65 Air Mail Prediction
67 Lasso-Due-Tre
69 Marlo's Double Count
70 Marlo's Nomad Aces
72 One-Cut, Double-Control

74 Minor Arcana
74 Ace-Cutting without Double-Cutting
74 Tibetan Checkers
76 Petite La Pilule Du Diable
77 Notes on the Vase (Hurley)
78 Marlo's "Pitch" Routine

80 The Satiricon
80 Lester Overton: Tragic Hero
82 Excerpt from The Adventures of Harry Inane

85 Estimations
85 Albert Goshman: Boob on the Tube?
86 Last Word on the Fields' Book
88 13 Ways of Looking at Criticism
89 An Open Letter to Nick Trost
91 Vernon, Gibson, and Sharpe

93 Aftermath
96 Postscript
97 Strictly Personal (With Coupon)

No. 3, Spring (March) 1970

101 Major Arcana
101 Roland's Hurley's "Chinese Enigma"
106 Repeat Signed Card to Case (Edward Marlo)
113 Signature Transpositon (Edward Marlo)
116 Simplex or Complex (Edward Marlo)

120 Minor Arcana
120 Cervon's "Dealing the Flush"
121 Allan Ackerman's The Fickle Card's Fingered Fate
122 The Professor's Incubus

125 Card-nundrums
125 Roy Walton's "Friendly Persuasion"
126 3² Deal Duplicated (Marvin Johnson)

128 Satiricon
128 La Fleury, Pagan Cardicienne (Dave Bendix)
130 Dove Droppings from all Over (Jerry Printz)
130 Ask the Millwright (Jerry Printz)

133 Olram Returns
133 Convincing Control
136 Marlo on the Charlier Pass
139 Variant of Hit Second Deal
140 The Surprise Packet
142 Signed Card in --------
145 No-turn Triumph
147 Tilt Collectors
148 All You Have to do is Watch
151 Marlo's One-hand Bottom Deal Illusion
153 Another Visit

160 Aftermath
167 Postscript
168 Publisher's Palaver

No. 4, Summer (June) 1970

171 Publisher's Palaver
173 Simon Aronson's "Lie Detector" Speller
176 Those Collectors Again (Edward Marlo)
178 Tibetan Checkers (Jules DeBarros)
181 Marlo Fakes out Elmsley
183 Setting up a Packet Exchange...
184 The Open Double Deal Exchange (Edward Marlo)
185 Skinning the Cat (Edward Marlo)
187 Gone to Earth (Roy Walton)

188 Intermission (Paul Swinford)

189 Fly me to the Moon (Edward Marlo)

193 Estimations
193 Dunbury's Delusions

196 The Satiricon
196 Harry Lorayne on "In Search of a Name!"
198 Jack Liuso on "We're Going to Chicago"
201 Jerry Andrus on "Card Miracle Extraordinary"

204 The Original R or B Phantom (Edward Marlo)
205 Who's Hockley? (Edward Marlo)
207 The Wrong Deck by Edward Marlo
210 Right-hand Pressure Fan Notes (Edward Marlo)
210 Pardon my Backs! (Jon Racherbaumer)
213 Almost Making It (Jon Racherbaumer)

217 The Perpetrator

No. 5-6, Anniversary Issue, Fall-Spring 1970-1971

218 Publisher's Palaver
221 Hurley's Automatic Boston Box
223 Coin Concatenation (Larry A. Austin)
226 Ambush (Roy Walton)
227 An Easy Ambush (Edward Marlo)
229 A Clean Ambush (Edward Marlo)
230 Let's Ambush and Kill "The Collectors" (Edward Marlo)
232 Dingle's "Collectors"
234 All You had to do was Watch and Still You're not Happy (Edward Marlo)
237 "Collect Double" (Edward Marlo)
239 Marlo's Visual Retention Change
243 Marlo's Technical Variation of the Veeser Concept
244 Almost Like Card Tricks

247 Estimations
247 The "Too Perfect" Theory (Rick Jonsson)
251 Dunbury's Delusions
253 Riffs of Henry Christ
255 A Dialogue with Merritt

261 The Satiricon
261 Further Cardmanship-Part Two

263 Publisher's Postscript: A Riposte Rather than a Rip-off

265 Notes on a Miracle (Edward Marlo)
270 Have Another Sandwich (Edward Marlo)
272 Variation and Feat (Charles M. Hudson)
274 "Shades of the Half and Half Principle"
275 Direct Ace-x-Ace (Edward Marlo)
278 Thoughts on "Money Power" (Paul Swinford)
279 Black Aces-Red Kings (Steve Freeman)
280 This is a Four King Trick (Edward Marlo)
281 Marlo's Visible Phantoms
282 Pocket Princess (Roy Walton)
283 Marlo on the Christ Force
286 The Wheeling Three
288 That Twist Again (William P. Miesel)
289 Sid's Super Stab (Sid Marshall)
290 Martin Gardner's "Wink Change"
291 Tilt Tip & Mock Placement (Edward Marlo)
292 Si Stebbins Sorcery
294 "The Chicago Miracle"
297 Si Stebbins on the Road
298 Liar's Fortune (Jon Racherbaumer)
299 New Aces to Pockets (Edward Marlo)
300 Laser Card to Pocket (Edward Marlo)
301 Logical Challenge Cards to Pocket (Edward Marlo)

No. 7, The Resurrection Issue, 1975

2 Introduction
3 The Hamman Twist (John Hamman)
6 Krenzel's Tunnel Change (Ken Krenzel)
7 Dingle's Tunnel Change (Derek Dingle)
11 No Force Vanish & Recovery (Jon Racherbaumer)
12 Off-Shoot (Jon Racherbaumer)
13 Jump-jump Aces 2 (Edward Marlo)
14 Jump-jump Aces 3 (Edward Marlo)
15 The 999 Miracle (Edward Marlo)
17 Pineapple Twist (Bruce Cervon, Dai Vernon)
18 Sober Slop Poker (Edward Marlo)
19 Breakless Curry Change (Edward Marlo)
22 The Four Ace...Er...Queen Trick (Edward Marlo)
23 Flash Sandwich (Jon Racherbaumer)
24 Fair On All Points (Edward Marlo)
25 The Missing Hour 1 (Edward Marlo)
26 The Missing Hour 2 (Edward Marlo)
27 The Viet Nam Trick (Bruce Cervon, Dai Vernon)
28 A Quickie (Edward Marlo)
29 Exhibitionism (Edward Marlo)
29 Hands Off Reverse
31 King's Triumph (Larry jennings)
33 Late-nite Sandwich (Reinhard Muller, Alex Elmsley)
33 The Layman Makes His Own (Edward Marlo)
35 A Sandwich Approach 1 (Edward Marlo)
36 A Sandwich Approach 2 (Edward Marlo)
36 A Sandwich Approach 3 (Edward Marlo)
37 A Sandwich Approach 4 (Edward Marlo)
37 A Sandwich Approach 5 (Edward Marlo)
38 A Sandwich Approach 6 (Edward Marlo)
38 A Sandwich Approach 7 (Edward Marlo)
39 The Spectator Cuts To The Aces (Neal Elias)
39 Spectator Cuts to & Turns The Aces 1 (Edward Marlo)
40 Spectator Cuts to & Turns The Aces 2 (Edward Marlo)
40 Spectator Cuts to & Turns The Aces 3 (Edward Marlo)
41 Spectator Cuts to & Turns The Aces 4 (Edward Marlo)
41 The Stabbing Myth (Jon Racherbaumer)
43 Crack Card Switch 1 (Edward Marlo)
43 Crack Card Switch 2 (Edward Marlo)
44 Crack Card Switch 3 (Edward Marlo)
44 Crack Card Switch 4 (Edward Marlo)
44 Crack Card Switch 5 (Edward Marlo)
45 Casual Card Add (Edward Marlo)
46 Marlo Double Lift Get-ready (Edward Marlo)
47 The Spread & Palm 1 (Edward Marlo)
48 The Spread & Palm 2 (Edward Marlo)
49 Cased-in Disappearance (Edward Marlo)
51 In Case Of A Miss (Edward Marlo)
52 Spring Control (Edward Marlo)
53 The Delayed Sandwich (Edward Marlo)
53 Tilt Bit (Lin Searles)
54 The Princess Trick (Tony Griffith)
55 1835 Prediction 1 (Edward Marlo)
56 1835 Prediction 2 (Edward Marlo)
56 1835 Prediction 3 (Edward Marlo)

No. 8, The Last Hierophant, 1980

2 Introduction

3 Impromptu Effects
3 One Fantastic Move (Edward Marlo)
5 The Joker Reads Minds (Edward Marlo)
9 One Thru Four Elevator (Dave Solomon)
11 You Did it Again! (Edward Marlo)
13 You Did it Again and Again! (Edward Marlo)
16 Black-hole Card Switcheroo (Edward Marlo)
18 A Way Out (Danny Korem)

20 Strictly Technical
20 Moving Monte Switch (Chuck Smith)
22 Sleeper Shank Shuffle (Edward Marlo)
23 The Marnase Change and Vanish (Jon Racherbaumer)
26 The Double Erdnase Change (Jon Racherbaumer)
27 Darting Double (Jon Racherbaumer)
29 Center Double (Jon Racherbaumer)
31 Marlo's Swivel Cull (Edward Marlo)
32 Snap Pass (Jon Racherbaumer)
35 Covering the Top Card Pass (Jon Racherbaumer)
38 Control Fake-outs (Edward Marlo)
39 Convincing Tilt (Daryl Martinez)
41 Rub-a-Dub Gone (Edward Marlo)

43 Gaffed Galaxy
43 Capturing MacDonald (Gene Castillon)
45 The Melding Pot (Edward Marlo)
48 The Tickfaw Twist (Robert Walker)
50 Quadruple Fingertip Cards to Pocket (Edward Marlo)
51 Ad-jacent (Simon Aronson)
53 I Won't Even Look (Edward Marlo)
56 The Blue Intruder Strikes Again! (Jon Racherbaumer)
58 Castillon's Olram Aces (Gene Castillon)

62 Delectable & Delicacies: Select Sandwich Stuff
62 Bluff Sandwich (Edward Marlo)
63 Dunbury Sandwich (Robert Walker & Dave Solomon)
65 Royal Divers (Edward Marlo)
68 Eyed Jack Sandwich (Jon Racherbaumer)
70 Split Sandwiches (Edward Marlo)
74 Clean-cut Finger Sandwiches (Jon Racherbaumer)
76 Insertion Subtlety (Edward Marlo)
78 Selling a Sandwich (Edward Marlo)

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The Hierophant by Jon Racherbaumer - Book
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