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Handkerchief Magic by Jean Hugard - Book

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5 Introduction 5 Chapter I Methods of Folding Silks for Production 5 A Single Silk: 7 methods 7 Several Silks: 5 methods 10 Chapter II Sleights for Manipulating Silks Without Accessories 10 The End Roll Palm 10 End Roll Flourish 11 The Center Roll Palm 11 Change Over Palms, etc....

5 Introduction

5 Chapter I Methods of Folding Silks for Production
5 A Single Silk: 7 methods
7 Several Silks: 5 methods

10 Chapter II Sleights for Manipulating Silks Without Accessories
10 The End Roll Palm
10 End Roll Flourish
11 The Center Roll Palm
11 Change Over Palms, etc.
11 The First Vanish
12 Vanish By the Thimble Palm
12 Vanish By Throwing
12 Back Hand Palm
12 The Hollow Ball Vanish

13 Chapter III Methods for Producing a Single Silk
13 Silk Rolled Into a Compact Ball
14 From Behind the Ear
14 From Under the Vest
15 Loop of Florist's Wire
15 Silk Appears Magically In Coat Pocket
15 By Misdirection
15 Another Method
16 Variation Using Wrist Watch Strap
16 With a Thread
16 From Back Hand
17 Finger Ring and Thread
17 Instantaneous Production
17 Large Foulard or Flag
18 Thumb Method
18 Finger Stall Production
18 With a Rubber Band
19 A Second MEthod
19 A Third Method
19 From the Wand
20 Using a Playing Card
20 From a Lighted Candle
20 From the Body of a Candle
21 Fancy Silk, Such as a Mickey Mouse Design
21 From a Match Box
22 From the Lapel
22 From the Bend of the Elbow
23 A Japanese Method
24 Producing a Single Silk
24 - The Hollow Wand
24 - Bottomless Bottle

25 Chapter IV The Production of a Number of Silks
25 From the Sleeve
26 From the Vest
26 Tubular Pockets for Vest Productions
26 For Large Loads
27 Special Bag for Large Loads
28 Another Bag Method
29 Dr. E.G. Ervyn's Method
29 Several Silks From a Candle
30 Using the Wand
30 From the Front of the Table
30 From a Magazine

31 Chapter V Various Methods of Vanishing Silks
31 By a Pull
31 To Fix and Ordinary Pull
32 Gas Chimney Vanish
32 Another Glass Tube Vanish
33 Glass Tube Vanish Without Pull
33 Hollow Ball Vanish
33 The Plunger Wand
34 Top of the Pocket Vanish
34 Finger Gimmick
35 Same Effect With Wand
35 Metal Cylinder
35 Paper Cone
36 The False Throw
36 A Feint
37 Flash Paper Vanish
37 A Quadruple Vanish
38 Vanishing a Silk

38 Chapter VI Dyeing the Silks
38 David Devant's Method
39 Loading the Tube
39 Exchange of Paper Tube Behind Chair
40 Passing Wand Through the Tube
40 The Hooked Gimmick
40 Novel Loading Method
41 Disposing of the Gimmick
41 Blowing Silks From Paper Tube
41 Color Change of Single Silk
42 Color Change Without Gimmick
43 Visible Dyeing in Glass Tube
44 Blendo

44 Chapter VII The Twentieth Century Silk Trick
44 The Standard Method
45 A Useful Wrinkle
45 Another Method
45 With Test Tubes
46 Xmas Cracker
46 Bottomless Glass
46 A Reverse Idea
47 With Unprepared Silks
47 Stage Method
48 Various Plots

48 Chapter VIII Useful Accessories
48 Production Tube
49 A Silk Servante
49 A Production Wand
49 The Mirror Glass
49 The False Finger
51 Silk Pedestal
52 Bag Gimmick

52 Chapter IX Liaison Tricks
52 Silk From Playing Card
52 Another Way
53 Billiard Ball to Silk
53 From a Thimble

53 Chapter X Tricks with Silks
53 An Opening Production
54 Routine by Wilfrid Johnson
55 Mr. Ladson Butler's Routine
56 Another Opener
56 From a Newspaper
57 From a Fan
57 A Color Change Routine
58 From a Gas Chimney
58 Mr. and Mrs. Green
58 Silk to Candle
59 Sympathetic Silks
60 The Traveling Silks
61 Silks and Soup Plates
61 Acrobatic Silks
62 Silks and Test Tubes
62 A Comedy Trick
62 The Homing Silk
63 Another Comedy Trick
63 The Rose Boquet

64 Chapter XI Knots, Ties and Flourishes
64 Stretching a Silk
65 Preparation for Knot Sleights
65 The Silk That Will Not Knot
67 Instantaneous Knot with Both Hands
67 Two Instantaneous Knots
68 The Move-Up Knots
69 Instantaneous Knot on Arm
69 Instantaneous Knot, One Hand
69 Flying Knots
70 One Hand Knot With Two Silks
70 One Hand Corner Knot
70 Three Silks Tied Instantaneously
71 Adhesive Wax
71 Double Loop Knot
71 Vanish of Loop Knots
72 The Troubador Knot
72 Vanishing Knots
73 A Silk With Seven Corners
73 Four Silks Secretly Tied and Untied
74 Two Knots From One
74 Threading the Loop
75 Silk Pulled Through Leg
75 Stanley Collin' Variation
76 Tying a Knot Without Releasing the Ends
77 The Silk That Unties Itself
78 Two Useful Knots
79 Impromptu Levitations
80 The Homing Silk
80 Spinning a Silk
80 A Flourish
80 Knots for Rememberance

81 Chapter XII The Stillwell Silk Act

84 Patter Suggestions
85 Final Suggestions

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Handkerchief Magic by Jean Hugard - Book
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